Welcome to the logbook of Mr. Tayto's Bucket List!

While the Big Spud is ticking off some of his life goals, we’re tracking & sharing all the updates right here.

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  • Hike to Machu Picchu
  • Go on safari

Mr. Tayto's Bucket List

South Africa

We're keeping all of Mr. Tayto's Bucket List clips right here for you to check out. First stop: Namibia, Africa.

Hit the Open Road

Mr. Tayto has always wanted to feel the freedom of the open road, wind running through his hat... Now with his new set of “wheelies”, he's off!

Explore the desert

Mr. Tayto is escaping to one of the hottest places on Earth. Makes sense; he’s had a lifetime of Irish weather.

Climb a Giant Sand Dune

When the most photographed spud in the World, meets the most photographed Dune in the World! Mr. Tayto meets Dune 45!

Camp Under the Stars

○ Mr. Tayto has always loved stargazing and no we don’t mean staring at himself!

Hitchhike Cross Country

When the new wheelies break down, there’s no other option but to hitchhike! Eek!

See a Natural Wonder

Mr. Tayto told us he sat smiling at Victoria Falls all day. Then again, we think that might be the only expression he knows!

Go on a River Cruise

As much as he loves sitting on the Jeanie Johnston with a few crisps, Mr. Tayto has his sights set on a proper river cruise.

Chill with the Elephants

○ Since he was a wee spud, Mr. Tayto has wanted to ask an elephant if it likes crisps as much as him. Apparently, he forgot he can’t speak Elephant.

Climb Pride Rock

Being a big fan of the Lion King, Mr. Tayto’s always wanted to see Pride Rock. Hopefully this is the right one.

Go on Safari

Since they’re some of the only animals that don’t see him as food, Mr. Tayto has always wanted to see the lions.

And that's a wrap on South Africa

He had some real highlights: meeting an elephant, seeing a Natural Wonder, and his car breaking down.... some craic!


We're keeping all of Mr. Tayto's Bucket List clips right here for you to check out. Next stop: USA.


When standing beside the legendary Hollywood sign, he actually looks like a normal sized potato.

Angel Wings

Always a spud of culture, Mr. Tayto’s next stop was to pose with Colette Miller’s famous Angel Wings.

Go To Joshua Tree

Mr. Tayto is such a huge 80’s U2 fan, he even had a Bono mullet. So Joshua Tree was an obvious pitstop

Hit Route 66

Mr. Tayto has always dreamed of driving Route 66. Hopefully he didn’t fill the car with vegetable oil again.

Venice Beach Skate Park

Mr. Tayto went to the Venice Skatepark to show off his trademark skate trick, the Chip-Flip!

Play Basketball at Venice Beach

Mr. Tayto was never going to miss an opportunity to shoot some hoops with the lads.

Play GAA at Gaelic Park

NYC GAA were short on numbers so Mr.Tayto stepped up to the mark! He heard playing county can work wonders for your profile!

See the Statue of Liberty

Mr Tayto usually fancies himself as quite the sculpture, but this put him in his place.

Visit Central Park

Mr.Tayto finally got the Central Perk joke in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

View the New York skyline

He tried to work out which bridge was bigger while on the carousel- but he kept going round in circles.

A pint of Tayto at The Dead Rabbit

Mr. Tayto got himself a potato martini- roasted, not fried!


The East Coast Spud is heading West to the Wild Atlantic Way. Check out the latest clips of his Bucket List trip here.

The Wild Atlantic Way

He began his Irish trip just coasting along…

Explore the Town of Kinsale

they didn’t have cheese & onion ice cream so he settled for fish & chips!

See the Uragh Stone Circle

Mr. Tayto wanted to go full circle.

Fish on an Irish Lake

We told him to wear a life-jacket, but he assured us potatoes float.

Gap of Dunloe

Stunning scenery and friendly sheep. A bucket list must!

Busk the Galway streets

They asked Mr. Tayto to jam with them, but he only knows how to mash…

Cliffs of Moher

He looked over the edge and got scared out of his skin!

Dance with Cairde

Who knew Mr. Tayto had such moves!

Swap Stories with a Seanchai

With so many new travel stories, he found the nearest campfire he could.

Wild camping in Donegal

Mr. Tayto swaps crisp bags for sleeping bags while camping in Donegal.

Barge trad music

Mr. Tayto plays second fiddle to no one… except these guys.